"How To Get That Special Woman Back FAST Using Red Bubbles"

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to get that special girl back fast, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

In a few minutes you will learn a fast-acting system that uses 'psychological truths' as its engine for getting her back.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons why you should take the advice:


3 Reasons To Believe In
The Teachings Of CR James

Reason #1

  • You can trust the methods of Instructor CR James because he developed a very successful system for guys in relationships called Super Seduction Power.
  • And in less than 18 months online, he received over 150 pages of "unsolicited" testimonials from guys who were excited about his breakthrough approaches that flat out worked. It's very possible that's never happened before.
  • CR James has already proven that he knows how to teach guys how to have a "special affect" on women.

Reason #2

  • Instructor CR James is an analytical genius (formerly hired as an Electrical Engineering Specialist by the US Army's Research Department to figure out patterns and other things).
  • That's why he will expose to you why popular methods of getting the girl back is flawed. In addition to that, you'll discover his intense passion for understanding the psychology of the female mind.
  • It's rare to find a guy who is an analytical genius + understands the female + has real passion for helping guys out + shows PROOF that he has helped others
  • [Click here some PROOF that CR James cares about helping you understand women]

Reason #3

  • CR James uses many of his 'personal discoveries' that helped him become a #1 Ranking Salesman in the nation (for a multi-million dollar company). Most analytical geniuses and gifted Electrical Engineers have terrible social skills. It explains why 99% of technical-guys and introverts go there whole lives being TERRIBLE with women.
  • That's why CR James is a secret weapon for introverts. It's always refreshing to learn persuasion secrets from someone who is self-taught because they always end up sharing tricks that aren't found in mainstream books.
  • Getting your girl back is a must. And you must know how to sell and persuade (the right way) if you expect it to happen.

When it's all said and done, you can feel good about learning from someone:

Who cares about YOU getting her back
Who cares about YOU (and his other customers).
Who has a verifiable track record.
Who takes a highly effective approach.

How refreshing is that?

Here is exactly what you will get:

  • This book is less than 35 pages.

    When it comes to getting her back, you need to act fast! And if you decide to read one of those 420 page ebooks (that might not even work), she would have already falling in love with the new guy...

    And yes, there is normally a new guy (just in case, you wondering if your intuition was right).

  • The Red Bubble "Get Her Back Fast" System comes with a 3 page Action Step Summary. You can refresh the secret tactics back into your brain in less than 45 seconds.

    The book is in instant downloadable format (ebook) - so you can start learning what it takes to get her back 12 seconds after your order is successfully processed.

  • [New Update] Learn the 5 Step Action Plan. The 3 Step version has already proven to be successfully for a many guys. Now the system is even more powerful because more techniques were added. So you can crank things up to the appropriate level is needed.

    You're about to learn exactly how to make her crazy over you! (and that's what you need to get her back fast)

"Use This One-of-a-Kind System To Win Her Back
Before It's Too Late"


Now, you're probably wondering how this is going to happen.

Let me explain.

This is the one of a kind Red Bubble System for Getting Her Back Fast. You will not only learn the 'psychological truths' that explain why you are going to get her back fast. You will get a glimpse at the 'scary secrets' that explain why common approaches tend to fail miserably.

CR James has already helped thousands and thousands of men overcome their problems with women. It's important that you realize that his methods will work for you.

His methods are very unique and they flat out work.

Don't take my word for it.

Listen to what actual customers have said
about CR James products:

Hello Mr. James,

first off I have to tell you, you are the F***ing Man!

Second, I just want to say thanks for taking the time to write this incredible info.

I subscribed to your emails and purchased your reports and so far it has been an amazing mind rush for me!

I am currently divorced from my childhood love that I've known all of my life, literally. I am now convinced that the reason why we are not together now is because I lost a great deal of sexual value as you have stated.

She became very frustrated, angry even, and to make a long story short, eventually we divorced.

I thought there was something wrong with her all along until she got involved in another relationship and expressed to me that she was sexually satisified by this new guy.

Needless to say my ego took a huge dive!

The thing that I noticed too is this, she never said that sex with me was bad or horrible. Her biggest complaint was that I just wasn't attractive to her any longer.

I get it!

Now, we are talking about getting back together, I've attempted to apply some of your suggestions in your report, mostly the ones involving
[a certain strategy that a GUY MUST DO]...

I believe she is noticing this change in me. She lives in another state now so it is difficult to figure out how to create attraction over the phone and email but I am trying certain things, like [a particular technique].

At first she appeared irritated but I stuck to my guns with it and she did answer. Now, whenever I bring up [another question] she giggles...

There is so much more I can say, so I will leave you with this.

We are taking things slow but she is willing to come back and give it another try, which is all I can ask for and expect. My attitude is that I can take her or leave her, whatever happens happens.

If you have any additional tips for my particular situation I would really appreciate the help. Thanks again!

J. M.
Los Angeles, Ca.



The Red Bubbles System Was Designed To Have A Powerful Psychological Effect On Her Because That's What You Need To Get Her Back FAST....

Right, so on the 18th of March I finally got my girl back using your " red
bubbles " technique etc.

When we got back together she admitted she couldn't stop thinking about me and I was always on her mind. So, we started the relationship back up and it was perfect. She was really into me, we made-out all the time, she initiated meeting up and texting me a lot.

But then all of a sudden, over the last 2 weeks everything has stopped...

...one night whilst we were both out with our circle of friends, i got drunk and 2 girls Ii know strated making out and I couldn't believe my eyes so I started going a bit crazy and started recording them but my girlfriend found out and dumped me saying that I let her down etc.

I love her so much.

I am ready to do whatever it takes because I know she WANTS to feel that way but I am the only one who can make her feel like that again.

Please give me as much help as possible?




I want to thank you for [The Red Bubbles Report].

I believe I implemented it perfectly the other night when I saw my ex. Not clear though what my next step should be.

Here's a run down of what happened.

We went to a restaurant by taxi. In the taxi I [performed STEP 1 of the Red Bubbles Technique]

So then I [did another powerful psychological technique that can only be found in the Red Bubbles report]

As I [continued to do this exclusive technique] she started to cry. I moved over to her side of the table and held her while she cried, she wouldn't say why she was crying and I didn't press her.

Then we went to a cigar bar.

On the way she wouldn't let go of me and we kissed.

At the bar we had a lot of fun talking about other things. We went
to another bar. There she started to open up...

We went to another bar, kissed and hugged on the way.

Before going home I told her [another powerful psychological tactic that CR James instructs Red Bubble Users to do] and we kissed...

As soon as I got to work the next day she sent me messages and we chatted for a few minutes....

The only thing I'm wondering about is why she cried.

In 3 years I've never seen her get that emotional before.

What do you think? I think the red bubbles [are working]...

It's clear that she now sees me very differently...

The Red Bubbles System Was Designed To Have A Powerful Psychological Effect On Her Because That's What You Need To Get Her Back FAST....

The Red Bubbles System Was Designed To Have A Powerful Psychological Effect On Her Because That's What You Need To Get Her Back FAST....


You're about to get at least 10 times
your money's worth!


By the way, CR James could easily charge $300-$500 an hour for phone consulting for this system.

After all, this course was only created because many customers wanted to pay him for help with this specific problem.

In fact, many popular and well known 'dating', 'relationship' and 'seduction experts' have secretly sought out CR James' advice.

Many customers have told him that they will flat out buy anything that he creates because his approach is often bizarre (yet works better than anything out there). Their words, not mine!

CR James is not (and never will be) an expert on getting women back.

(Please read that again.)

That is the reason why this website - and this product - is not heavily promoted (at least, not at this time.) So if you have somehow found this page, it's probably for a reason.

The valuable information inside the Red Bubbles ebook could easily remain "hidden" behind a very expensive phone call as if did in the past.

In Fact...

...A Few Customers Demanded CR James To Accept Over $200 In Paypal Money In Exchange For Email Advice On His Approach To Getting A Woman Back...

...Even Though There Were Over 50 Books, Ebooks, Video Courses and Audio Courses Already On This Subject...

...And Remember CR James is NOT a quote-unquote EXPERT on getting women back - if there is such a thing...

So out of passion for helping guys uncover a REAL SOLUTION that actually works for men, CR James spent the next 6 months refining the system to make it THE PERFECT SOLUTION.

Keep in mind, this book is only for guys. (not women)

In other words, it's the only option. Period.

Today you will receive the complete system because it is finally available for all guys.

* Important: This course is designed for men (to use on women). This is not a unisex system, because a woman's mind has to be handled the right way.

In summary, here's what you get:

You will receive a 27 page quick-read results getting manual [downloadable ebook] for getting that special woman back fast. In addition to that you will receive a 3 page summary and action guide.

The goal was to make this system a Quick Read.

And that was achieved because he succeeded in making the book less than 40 pages. That was actually a goal.


Because studies show that as time goes on, your chances of getting back with her goes down tremendously.

If You're A Man + The Break Up Was Less Than 4 Months, Then This Manual Is For You.

And you need to get it now! It's the only option.

If you respond right away, you pay only $59.95 $24.95

You Can't Lose With Our 100%,
Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee

Your success is guaranteed.

Your timing could not be better because for a very limited time CR James will personally assist you in getting her back (if you need any help along the way).

You will be provided with CR James' personal "customer only" email address for 90 days.

This selfishly allows CR James to refine the system even more because he is passionate about creating a system that works along with giving you the customer service and attention that you deserve.

Right now you need someone in your corner.

If you are not happy for any reason, you get all of your money returned back to you as if the transaction never happened.

Fair Enough?

You are not going to find a guarantee stronger than that.

CR James

Here's how to order right now!

To order the Red Bubbles "Get Her Back" System just click the link below

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Instructor CR James
Creator of Super Seduction Power
Creator of Get Her Back FAST Using Red Bubbles

"Get Her Back FAST - Before it's too late!"

(You can always email me, because I'm here to help you.)

P.S. Research shows that the longer you wait to try to get her back (the right way) the harder it becomes.

P.P.S. Remember my insane "limited time" promise of helping you get her back. If you need any assistance for 90 days, just email CR James using the special email address provided with you order. This is a limited time bonus.


From: ****** <******@msn.com>
Subject: Re: Thanks you SO much!

Hey CR

I finally got my girl back. WOO HOO! after you sent the "red bubbles" report to me, I used those techniques on her...

The next time I saw her she admitted she couldn't stop thinking
about me, even while she was on holiday. I'm gonna re-read all your reports now, also, can you give any extra tips, so I don't lose her again?

I honestly cannot thank you enough, you are a genius!

If anyone has any doubts about your work, they need their head testing!!!!




To order the Red Bubbles "Get Her Back" System just click the link below

Order Now!

The Red Bubbles System was designed
to have a powerful psychological effect on her
because that's what you need to
Get Her Back FAST


If you have trouble ordering or you have any questions,
send an email at: crjames100@gmail.com

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